With over 33 years of innovative design and development, Quality Foam has earned a reputation as the leading fabricator of custom foam solutions. Whether working from our own in-house design or a customer supplied drawing, we have the experience to fabricate even the most complex foam cushions and components.



Quaity Foam Packaging Products provides cost-effective, high-quality packaging solutions for a diverse selection of high-value products – from sensitive computer and audio equipment to fragile handicrafts to priceless collections of fine art.


In Military environments foam cushioning must withstand repeated abuse and still be able to perform. We have designed and fabricated a large number of the foam cushions and foam dunnage in use by the Military today and we are often called upon by the Military to provide fail-safe custom designs.


For electronics packaging applications, Quality Foam cushion packaging products are the ideal solution – providing a superior combination of anti-static properties and protection from impact and vibration. We have extensive experience developing solutions for virtually any application.


Quality Foam delivers foam solutions for material handling applications commonly found in the automotive, computer and medical device industries. For Class A dunnage applications, our foam products prove to be an effective solution, offering a returnable, recyclable alternative to expendable packaging.


Quality foam is the leading supplier of aircraft seat cushions, fire-block, dress covers and related components in the United States. We can create new cushion designs as well as work from sample, drawing, or solid model. We can certify the compliance of this design to FAR 25.853 (a) and (c) as well as Airbus specifications.

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