Cross-Linked Polyethylene

This is closed cell polyethylene foam has been chemically cross linked. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties than standard polyethylene foam. This foam is available in a wide range of densities and is available in over 40 different colors. It is available in anti-static, conductive, and fire retardant formulations.

This foam can be water-jet cut, cnc routed, laminated, thermoformed, and pressure-formed.


VOLTEK Cross-Linked Foams

Volara is afine-celled, irradiation crosslinked foam that offers aesthetic appeal as well as an outstanding range of performance characteristics. Its smooth surface, excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical and chemical properties, low water absorption and vapor transmission make Volara a versatile, dependable solution for a host of demanding applications.


Voltek Data Sheets

Type Characteristics Material Data Sheet
G Flexible, superior resilience EVA PDF G200
L Standard grade, resiliency, excellent buoyancy, good thermal insulator PE PDF L200, L300, L380
PDF L600, L800, L1000
LS Continues certain fire retardant properties PE PDF LF200
LS Recovery from compression, high coefficient of friction PE alloy PDF Type LS
M Good shock absorber, increased temperature stability compared to L200 PE PDF M200, M300, M380
MS Firmest S type at a given density, recovery from compression PE alloy PDF Type MS
T Flexibility, superior resiliency, toughness EVA PDF T200, T300, T380
PDF T600, T800, T1000
PDF T1200, T1600, T2200
TS Softest and most conformable, recovery from compression, resilient EVA alloy PDF Type TS



Youngbo Cross-Linked Foam

YoungBoard® is a semi-rigid, chemically cross-linked polyethylene/EVA block-type foam with closed or open cell structure. It exhibits a fine, homogenous cell structure with excellent insulation, cushioning, and water-repellent properties. YoungBoard offers an impressive combination of smooth feel, variety of aesthetic colors, and printable surface for applications in toys, health care products, specialty packaging, flotation device, and sporting goods.

Youngbo Cross-Linked Foam Properties

  Fire Retardant Standard
Property Y-FR-20 Y-FR-30 Y-S-20 Y-S-30 Y-S-40
Density (pcf) 2.0 3.0 2.0 3.0 4.0
Tensile Strength (psi) 3.41 59.7 35 78 121
Elongation (%) 76 220 231 279 142
Tear Strength (pli) 16.7 11.9 8 15 20
Compressive Strength @ 25% PSI (psi) 10.5 15 9 15 17
Compressive Strength @ 50% PSI (psi) 22.0 28.0 18 28 30
Compression Set (%) 2.2 1.8 1.5 1.5 1.8
Thermal Stability (%) <-1.5 <-1.0 -1.4 -0.7 -0.1
Thermal Conductivity (btu/hr/ft2 F) 0.26 0.27 0.26 0.27 0.31

† 158° for 24 hours

Testing done according to ASTM-D3575 & ASTM-C177 (thermal conductivity) stnadard.
Test methods available upon request.
All data is typical. Not to be considered specification values.


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