Military Foam

In Military environments foam cushioning must withstand repeated abuse and still be able to perform. We have designed and fabricated a large number of the foam cushions and foam dunnage in use by the Military today and we are often called upon by the Military to provide fail-safe custom designs. Our engineers have worked hand in hand with Naval Weapons Station Earle, Tacom, Picatinney Arsenal, and all the major prime contractors in designing and building specialized foam packaging, foam dunnage, Military cases and containers. We are a Dow Chemical authorized fabricator/distributor and stock all grades of the Military series polyethylene that meets the A-A-59135, A-A-59136, and PPP-C-1752 specifications as well as all grades and densities of MIL-P-26514 polyurethane.


Military Grade Ethafoam

ETHAFOAM military series (M-series) foams to meet the stringent military and blowing agent requirements, with less than 10 percent LEL. ETHAFOAM M-series products also meet or exceed the requirements of CID A-A-59136 and PPP-C-1752. Please refer to product information sheets for specific compliance.

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
ETHAFOAM™ M1 2.3 (36.8) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M1 AS 2.3 (36.8) Pink
ETHAFOAM™ M1 FR/AS 2.3 (36.8) Blue-Gray
ETHAFOAM™ M3 4.0 (64.1) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M4 6.0 (96.1) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M5 10 (160.2) Black


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