Foam Fabrication

Whether working from our design or a customer supplied drawing, we have the experience to fabricate even the most complex foam components. Our 65,000 square foot facility houses the most advanced foam fabrication equipment in the Western United States.


Water Jet Cutting

We can water jet cut all types of foam materials. This process uses pressurized water working @55,000 PSI to cut through the foam. It follows a computer generated pattern and can produce complex shapes and cavities very quickly and efficiently.

CNC Routing

We can route all polyethylene and closed cell foams including E.P.S. This process uses a high speed router that follows AutoCAD drawings to produce complex foam cavities.

Hot-Wire Cutting

We can hot-wire almost all types of foam. This process uses custom bent hot wires to produce a wide variety of complex cavities.

Die Cutting

We can die-cut almost all foams. This process uses custom shaped steel rules that are stamped through the foam.


We can thermoform all types of cross-linked polyethylene foams. Our thermoforming capabilities vary from simple tray liners to very complex designs.



Our profiler has a 82" X 96" table, and utilizes hot wires to produce repeated complex shapes throughout a bun of material. The profiler works with all foams.



Our automatic slitter converts large volumes of material into sheets as thin as 1/16TH of an inch.


We Also have:

  • Automatic band saws
  • Convoluter
  • Laminators
  • Automatic glue lines
  • Peelers


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