Package Design Guide

This guide has been prepared to assist packaging designers in the selection and utilization of ETHAFOAM brand polyethylene foam and other Performance Foams products for protective packaging applications. It contains recommended considerations and procedures for the design and development of highly protective and cost-efficient packaging.

This information is offered to facilitate the process of designing and developing packing that provides the desired level of protection at the most reasonable cost. It is recommended that, once a package design has been determined, a prototype product-package combination should be developed and tested for performance prior to final inspection.


Preliminary Design Considerations

The first step in designing a protective packaging solution is the selection of a cushioning material that is appropriate for the application.

As a general rule, ETHAFOAM polyethylene foams are best suited to protect products which can be described as relatively high in value and moderately fragile. Keeping damage rates for products of this nature to a minimum requires a strong, resilient cushioning material that reliably protects against multiple impacts. In other words, care must be taken to select a cushioning material that is not damaged by initial impacts and recovers to maintain its cushioning protection against repeated shocks.

ETHAFOAM products are resilient in nature, giving them outstanding recovery characteristics that provide outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts. And ETHAFOAM products are available in a variety of strengths, making them suitable for protecting products ranging from just a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds in weight.


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