Package Design Guide


STEP TWO: Determine Conditions the Product Will Encounter

Once product fragility is determined, the packaging designer should next consider the handling and transportation environment the product will face.

To establish the amount of shock the product may encounter, it is necessary to determine the height from which the product may be dropped. Drop heights are generally established by the product’s weight, which usually reflect how the product will be handled.

The chart below shows typical drop heights for products of various weights, and may be used if you lack specific information about the handling likely to be encountered in your product’s particular distribution chain.


Typical Drop Heights

Weight Range (lbs) Type of Handling Drop Height (in)
0-10 1 person throwing 42
10-20 1 person carrying 36
20-50 1 person carrying 30
50-100 2 person carrying 24
100-250 Light equipment 18
250+ Heavy equipment handling 12

NOTE: Palletized products may receive drops of up to six inches.

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