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Dow Foam

Dow Ethafoam

ETHAFOAM products are resilient in nature, giving them outstanding recovery characteristics that provide outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts. And ETHAFOAM products are available in a variety of strengths, making them suitable for protecting products ranging from just a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds in weight. This material is available in densities ranging from 2.0# density to 9# density. These foams are also available in anti-static and formulations. This foam meets the PPC-1752D and AA-59136 specifications (see the complete list of test methods and specifications). Also available in a special Military grade. These foams are impervious to most chemicals.

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
(same as ETHAFOAM™ Select)
1.8 (28.8) Black/Natural/Light Blue
ETHAFOAM™ 220 2.2 (35.2) Black/Natural
(same as ETHAFOAM™ HS-45)
4.0 (64.1) Black/Natural
(same as ETHAFOAM™ HS-600)
6.0 (96.1) Natural
(same as ETHAFOAM™ HS-900)
9.5 (152.2) Natural
ETHAFOAM™ SYNERGY™ 1000 1.8 (28.8) Natural
ETHAFOAM™ SYNERGY™ RCA P4 4.0 (64.1) Black



Anti-static Ethafoam

The anti-static characteristics of ETHAFOAM electronics protection foams are enhanced with an internal additive. The unique technology provides consistent, long-term electronics protection.

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
(same as ETHAFOAM™ Select Anti-Stat)
1.8 (28.8) Pink
ETHAFOAM™ 220 AS 2.2 (35.2) Pink



Military Grade Ethafoam

ETHAFOAM military series (M-series) foams to meet the stringent military and blowing agent requirements, with less than 10 percent LEL. ETHAFOAM M-series products also meet or exceed the requirements of CID A-A-59136 and PPP-C-1752. Please refer to product information sheets for specific compliance.

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
ETHAFOAM™ M1 2.3 (36.8) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M1 AS 2.3 (36.8) Pink
ETHAFOAM™ M1 FR/AS 2.3 (36.8) Blue-Gray
ETHAFOAM™ M3 4.0 (64.1) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M4 6.0 (96.1) Black
ETHAFOAM™ M5 10 (160.2) Black



Ethafoam for Aircraft Seating

These specially formulated foams contain flame-retardant additives designed to meet the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 25.853 (a) for commercial aircraft interior compartment components.

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
ETHAFOAM™ 4101 FR 2.2 (35.2) Natural
ETHAFOAM™ DURALITE™ FR 1.8 (28.8) Natural


Questions regarding Ethafoam? See our Ethafoam Frequently Asked Questions page.



Dow Trymer

Trymer™ polyisocyanurate pipe insulation is a closed-cell, high-performance insulation for pipe, vessel, equipment and duct applications. Dow offers a complete line of Trymer pipe insulation products in a selection of densities and compressive strengths. Trymer pipe insulation features one of the lowest ambient k-factors among all pipe insulations: 0.19 BTU in/hr ft2 °F at 75°F mean temperature (0.027 W/m °C at 24°C) and can be used over a broad temperature range from -297°F to 300°F (-183°C to 148°C).

Product Density pcf (kg/m3) Color
Trymer 1600 1.65 (26.4) Gray
Trymer 1800 1.80 (28.8) Gray
Trymer 2000 XP 2.05 (32.8) Blue
Trymer 2500 2.5 (40.0) Dark Blue
Trymer 3000 3.0 (48.0) Dark Blue
Trymer 4000 4.0 (64.0) Natural (Tan)
Trymer 6000 6.0 (96) Natural (Tan)



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